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The Mormon glow in action

How to Use the Mormon Glow to Attract and Influence People

When we have the Light of Christ, it shows in our countenance. (Thanks to my sister for letting me use her picture for this article)

In the Mormon world, there are a lot of single adults eagerly looking for their eternal companion. In places where there are a lot of LDS members, or perhaps few members at all, many LDS single adults feel pressured to make a strong impression on a prospective eternal companion. There’s an important way to stand out that’s often overlooked or underemphasized – the “Mormon glow.”    Continue reading

What is the Mormon glow?

The Mormon glow is a term commonly used to describe how members striving to live the gospel seem to have a light that shines from within them. Anecdotally, it’s common to hear stories of how people have identified practicing Mormons from the “glow” about them. The Mormon glow has actually been scientifically proven to exist and church leaders have explained that this effect occurs because of the influence of the Holy Ghost.  President James E. Faust once explained that a “sacred light comes to our eyes and countenances when we have a personal bond with our loving Heavenly Father and His Son.” He then recounted a fascinating story:

I recently recalled a historic meeting in Jerusalem about 17 years ago. It was regarding the lease for the land on which the Brigham Young University’s Jerusalem Center for Near Eastern Studies was later built. Before this lease could be signed, President Ezra Taft Benson and Elder Jeffrey R. Holland, then president of Brigham Young University, agreed with the Israeli government on behalf of the Church and the university not to proselyte in Israel. You might wonder why we agreed not to proselyte. We were required to do so in order to get the building permit to build that magnificent building which stands in the historic city of Jerusalem. To our knowledge the Church and BYU have scrupulously and honorably kept that non-proselyting commitment. After the lease had been signed, one of our friends insightfully remarked, ‘Oh, we know that you are not going to proselyte, but what are you going to do about the light that is in their eyes?’ He was referring to our students who were studying in Jerusalem.”

It’s clear that the Mormon glow is no myth – it exists and it’s important for LDS single adults to develop this type of countenance.  

Why is the Mormon glow important to LDS single adults?

The Mormon glow is an attractive quality! Church leaders have explained that the influence of the Holy Spirit has an invigorating effect on the physical body. Brigham Young once said:

“Mormonism” keeps men and women young and handsome; and when they are full of the Spirit of God, there are none of them but what will have a glow upon their countenances; and that is what makes you and me young; for the Spirit of God is with us and within us. (Journal of Discourses, Volume 5, Discourse 34.)

Why are Mormons so hotInterestingly enough, Google predictive searches have confirmed President Young’s remarks. In many states, typing in “Why are Mormons…” on Google often lead to revealing search terms. More often than not, one of the top search terms suggested is, “Why are Mormons so hot?”

However, even if you feel that you’re not quite like Ryan Gosling or Amy Adams, the Mormon glow can give you a type of beauty that goes far beyond surface appearances. Every person is beautiful in the Lord’s eyes because of their divine heritage. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to realize the unique beauty and worth of each person we meet because of our limited human perspective. That’s why radiating the Light of Christ gives us a unique type of beauty – because it makes it easier for others to see us the way our Heavenly Father does.  

Through the influence of the Spirit, people will feel drawn to your light. A non-member once commented on Yahoo! Answers that he was perplexed that he was drawn to a seemingly plain looking Mormon young woman with a certain glow about her. The explanation he received was simply that he was attracted to her purity of heart which was easily observed through her countenance.    

I’ve seen this phenomenon demonstrated in my own life. I’ve met Mormon women that I haven’t been interested in at first. However, when I’ve gotten to know them better and felt the radiance of their Spirit, it’s helped me realize how attractive they really are. This is not an unusual phenomenon, which is why it’s vital for us to radiate the Light of Christ at all times.

Developing the Mormon glow also helps us see ourselves the way the Lord sees us. All too often, it’s easy to be our own worst critics. However, when we stay close to the Spirit, we can see ourselves and our eternal potential through the Lord’s eyes. In turn, this gives us a renewed sense of confidence that helps us attract people who can add value to our lives. 

However, the benefits of radiating the Mormon glow go far beyond simply attracting a prospective spouse. Through shining with the Light of Christ, we can make a positive impact on the entire world, which is why the Savior commanded us to share His light with others. In Matthew 5:14-16, it reads:  

Ye are the light of the world. A city that is set on an hill cannot be hid. Neither do men light a candle, and put it under a bushel, but on a candlestick; and it giveth light unto all that are in the house. Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven.

Just as a light source isn’t fulfilling its true purpose if it’s concealed, as children of God, we are not fulfilling our purpose if we hide the spiritual light we’ve received. All of us wield a personal influence that should not be underestimated, which is why it’s so important for us to share the light we’ve received with others.

How do we radiate the Mormon glow?

Because the Mormon glow comes through the influence of the Holy Ghost, here are just a few principles that can help us develop a Christ-like countenance:   

  • Live in a way that invites the Holy Ghost as your constant companion. Because the Mormon glow comes through the Spirit, it is impossible for us to glow if we are making choices that drive the Holy Ghost away from us.
  • Cultivate a reverence for sacred things. Reverence is profound respect mingled with love. Showing reverence invites the Mormon glow because the Lord pours out His Spirit in greater abundance to those who are reverent.
  • Choosing to be happy. There is a huge difference in the countenance of a person who hides from the storm compared to the person who chooses to dance in the rain. If we strive to have a joyful attitude about life, it will shine in our appearance.
  • Seeing others the way the Savior does and treating them accordingly. The Savior made each person he ministered to feel loved and valued. If we strive to do the same, His image will shine in our countenance.
  • Associating with people who radiate the Light of Christ. Surrounding ourselves with Christ-like friends will inspire us and help bring out the best qualities within us. Christlike friends will help us shine through seeing our divine potential and encouraging us to live up to it.

These are just a few ways we can invite the Mormon glow to be with us, which is a tangible force that brings light, warmth, and peace to everyone it comes into contact with. I know it exists because I’ve experienced the glow firsthand through Christ-like friends who have influenced me with their light.  

Lessons learned about the Mormon glow from Erich’s photoshoot

My roommates Daniel and Erich

My roommates Daniel and Erich

Recently, I had the opportunity to take an executive headshot of my roommate Erich, who is looking for new employment opportunities. Because I wanted to present Erich in the best possible light, I knew it was critical to make him appear professional, but also friendly and approachable. In preparing for the photoshoot, I looked at past pictures of Erich to determine how I could capture his best qualities in his headshot.

Erich's grin

Erich’s grin during one of our game nights

Erich and I have been friends for almost five years, so I was fortunate to have a lot of pictures to thoughtfully review. When it comes to facial expressions, Erich is among the most interesting people I’ve known. However, I knew that creating a successful portrait would also be strongly influenced by other factors.


Erich at temple with friends

Myself, Daniel, Erich, and Tiffany at the Boise temple

Erich has a lot of Christ-like qualities I admire and I’ve seen the Mormon glow around him before, which I wanted to capture in the photoshoot. I felt that if I conveyed the purity of his heart in a photo, it would help him stand out to recruiters. Because spiritual things can’t be forced, I thoughtfully pondered what I could do to help set Erich at ease and invite the Mormon glow to radiate from him during our photoshoot. As I considered this issue, I heard a quiet voice that said, ask Erich to bear his testimony to you.   

Initially, I was concerned that this might be awkward. Despite my reservations, when I explained to Erich what I hoped to accomplish, he understood my intent and agreed that it would be a good idea. We took a few minutes to share testimonies and spiritual experiences with each other, which helped set Erich at ease and created a good environment for our photoshoot. At the end of our session, we were pleased with how the photos turned out and it was a good case study of how the influence of the Spirit affects our countenance.     

We were born to shine

Developing the Mormon glow isn’t easy and it doesn’t happen overnight. But when we have the image of the Savior in our countenance, people recognize it. In an increasingly dark world, we have a responsibility to bring light to everyone we meet. As LDS single adults, having the Mormon glow is especially important because it helps us attract people who can add value to our lives.   

In D&C 88:40, it reads that light cleaveth unto light. In other words, if we want to attract an eternal companion who radiates the light of Christ, we need to glow ourselves. So don’t be afraid to shine. Don’t be afraid to live your life in a way that allows the Light of Christ to radiate from your countenance. People you meet will be drawn to the light in your eyes – including your future spouse. 

Erich's final portrait

Erich’s final portrait. Can you see the Mormon glow?

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Top 7 Ways That The Hunger Games Applies to LDS Youth and Single Adults

Featured image courtesy of

Set in a dystopian future, the Hunger Games series have captivated millions through its portrayal of how courage, compassion, and selflessness can endure in the face of heartbreaking cruelty. With the new Hunger Games movie in theatres, I felt it would be appropriate to pay tribute to the series through this blog post (You saw what I did there).  Here are seven ways that lessons from the Hunger Games apply to LDS youth and single adults.

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1. You can beat the odds

“The odds are against me, but I have something in my favor—desire and faith.” – Cliff Cushman, a member of the 1960 U.S. Olympic team.

Dating at BYU

Picture courtesy of Mormon Memes

We all have our own trials in life and for many LDS single adults, one of the most common challenges is finding their eternal companion. It’s sometimes easy to be discouraged and feel that we have a better chance of winning the Hunger Games compared to finding a spouse. However, discouraged LDS singles can benefit from the example of Katniss.

One of the defining characteristics of Katniss is that she never gives up. Despite being faced with fierce opposition, her courage, tenacity, and determination give her the strength to defy the odds and win the Hunger Games. Likewise, despite our personal challenges that may cause the odds to be against us, we can also triumph if we persevere and trust in the Lord.

2. Just like Katniss Everdeen, the girl on fire, we need to let our convictions shine forth to inspire others

Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven. “ – Matthew 5:16

LDS Girl on Fire

Picture courtesy of Mormon Memes

From the very beginning, Katniss distinguishes herself from the other tributes. Although her grand entrance as the “Girl on Fire” turns heads, what ultimately makes Katniss stand out is how her convictions influence the way she competes in the Hunger Games. In the midst of human brutality, Katniss shows compassion when she sings to her dying ally, Rue, before she buries her with flowers. By refusing to turn on Peeta at the end of the first Hunger Games, Katniss inspires thousands of people through her act of love and defiance.  

Because Katniss allows her courage, faith, and personal convictions to shine through to the people around her, she becomes the Mockingjay – a symbol of hope to the oppressed people of Panem. As Latter-day Saints, we can follow Katniss’ example through living in a way that allows the light of Christ to shine forth and inspire those around us. If we have the courage to stand for truth and righteousness, like Katniss, we can light a flame for others to follow. 

3. Love is unselfish and requires sacrifice

 “True love is based on personal unselfishness, but our modern world does not seem to understand this.”-Elder Theodore M. Burton

Katniss volunteers as tribute

Image courtesy of

Throughout the series, Katniss demonstrates an unselfish, Christ-like love for the people she cares about. Katniss volunteers for the Hunger Games to protect her sister Prim, she shields Gale when he’s being whipped, and during her second Hunger Games, she decides to sacrifice herself to save Peeta. This unselfish love is also demonstrated by Peeta, who tries to persuade Katniss to save herself during their second Hunger Games. After Peeta’s confession, it is only then that Katniss starts to realize her feelings for him. This love demonstrated in the Hunger Games is a stark contrast to the love often demonstrated in our society. 

Sadly, all too often, the type of so-called love we see is based on personal gratification and selfishness. But that’s not what true love really is – it’s about being unselfish and making personal sacrifices. As demonstrated by Katniss, if we develop this type of love, we can build a relationship strong enough to withstand any trial that threatens to tear us apart from the people we care for.

4. Katniss maintains her standards under pressure

“I do not believe there is a double standard of morality.” – President James E. Faust

Katniss maintains her composure

Image courtesy of

Throughout the series, Katniss is under a great deal of pressure to compromise her personal standards to survive. In the second Hunger Games, the tyrannical leaders of the Capitol hope that Katniss will compete mercilessly, and by doing so, discredit herself in the eyes of her supporters. Despite their cunning plan, Katniss refuses to play by the rules of someone else’s game. Although Katniss competes in the Hunger Games, she retains her humanity. She declines teaming up with bloodthirsty Career tributes, never kills anyone in cold blood, and refuses to betray her allies, even when it might be expedient to do so.

Katniss’ example is relevant to LDS youth and single adults, who are encouraged to maintain high standards in an increasingly wicked world. Because of the pressures we face, we might feel tempted to disregard our standards for the sake of worldly success or personal gratification. But as Katniss demonstrates, we don’t have to compromise who we are and what we stand for in order to win.  

5. Never underestimate the power of your influence

“One virtuous young woman, led by the spirit, can change the world.” – Sister Elaine Dalton, former General President of the Young Women’s organization.

Katniss Girl on Fire

Picture from Nonvieta, originally from

When Katniss first volunteered for the Hunger Games, she had no way of knowing how her actions would shape the lives of thousands of people. Ironically, Katniss doesn’t see herself as a role model to anyone – she has a stoic personality and feels that she has a hard time fitting in and making friends. Yet despite her perceived shortcomings, Katniss impresses the Gamemakers, wins the support of sponsors, and inspires thousands of people across the country. The courage, compassion, and humanity that Katniss demonstrates ultimately start a revolution that leads to the downfall of the Capitol.     

Like Katniss, we may not fully realize how our actions can influence the people around us for good. Although we probably won’t be responsible for starting an uprising, our personal influence should never be underestimated. That’s why it’s important to live each day as a courageous disciple of Christ. Just like Katniss, our actions can bless the lives of others in ways we may not anticipate.

6. Surround yourself with the right type of people

 “Choose friends who share your values so you can strengthen and encourage each other in living high standards.” – From the Strength of Youth

Katniss and tributes

Image courtesy of

In the second Hunger Games, Katniss impresses the other tributes with her archery skills, leading half of the tributes to request Katniss as an ally. Although Katniss has a wide selection to choose from, she chooses not to ally with the “cool kids” – the lethal Careers. Instead, Katniss decides to ally herself with people she deems trustworthy. This decision pays off, as throughout the second Hunger Games, her allies make personal sacrifices to protect Katniss and Peeta.  

Often, it can be easy to find ourselves attracted to the wrong type of people simply because they seem cool, popular, or charismatic. However, it’s critical for us to choose friends who are loyal and have our best interests at heart. Katniss survived the Hunger Games because she put her trust in the right people. Likewise, we need to be selective in choosing friends who are trustworthy and will support us in making good decisions.

7. It’s critical to act, rather than to be acted upon

 “As you and I come to understand and employ the enabling power of the Atonement in our personal lives, we will pray and seek for strength to change our circumstances rather than praying for our circumstances to be changed.” – Elder David A. Bednar

I volunteer for the opening prayer

Picture courtesy of Mormon Memes

Elder Bednar once explained that choosing to act, rather than to be acted upon, means we use our agency to impact our circumstances. We see this clearly demonstrated in the Hunger Games, as despite her personal trials, Katniss refuses to allow herself to be victimized. After her father dies, Katniss takes up hunting to provide for her family. When selected for the second Hunger Games, she does everything she can to prepare herself for the arena. Despite the destruction of District 12, Katniss presses forward through inspiring the rebellion against the Capitol.

Like Katniss, we need to be equally courageous in using our agency to make good life decisions. We need to keep moving forward, work hard, and be willing to make personal sacrifices to reach our goals. Regardless of your life circumstances, be like Katniss and find a way to win.  

Do you want the (marital) odds to be ever in your favor?  

In closing, I’d like to encourage my readers to keep working towards the ultimate goal of every LDS single adult – marriage in the House of the Lord. A temple marriage will make your love last throughout the eternities, make you eligible to receive a fullness of blessings, and make it more likely that your marriage will endure the trials and tribulations of life.

For example, the Ensign reports, “Nontemple marriages are about five times more likely to end in divorce than temple marriages. About 5.4 percent of LDS males who married in the temple were later divorced, and about 6.5 percent of the females. By comparison, some 27.8 percent of nontemple LDS marriages ended in divorce for men, and about 32.7 percent for women.”

Although a temple marriage is no guarantee you’ll stay married, it certainly makes a big impact on your relationship. It seems that couples who marry in the temple are more committed because they recognize that their marriage can endure throughout eternity. Clearly, if you get married in the temple, it’s safe to say that the odds will be ever in your favor.

Despite whatever changes or personal sacrifices you may need to make for a temple marriage, don’t give up on this goal. It’s worth fighting for. So as you get out there and look for your eternal companion, may the odds be for time and eternally in your favor:

Katniss and Peeta Temple Wedding

Picture courtesy of Mormon Memes, credit to Megan Rene Delizo

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Mormon missionary vs zombies

Why Mormons Are Prepared For The Zombie Apocalypse

Featured image courtesy of Kathyrn Lowry Illustration. You can order your own print here!  

Mormons and the Zombie Apocalypse

Zombies have become iconic in our society and for many people, zombies represent the end of modern civilization as we know it. It’s speculated that people are fascinated with zombies because it helps them cope with anxiety about the end of the world. This fascination has established zombies in popular culture through media like The Walking Dead, World War Z, and Zombieland. It’s also triggered a resurgence of interest in how people would survive if a zombie invasion actually occurred.    

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The possibility of a real-life zombie invasion isn’t as far-fetched as you might think. Science has demonstrated a number of ways by which humans could turn into zombie-like creatures, such as through neurotoxins, viruses, or even nanobots. In fact, there’s an article that details five scientific reasons how the zombie apocalypse could actually happen.

But even in the worst case scenario of a zombie outbreak really taking place, I’m not too concerned. If I were a gambler placing bets on what organization would be most likely to survive the zombie apocalypse, my money would be on the Mormons.  

 Mormons are prepared for anything, including a zombie apocalypse

First Presidency and Zombies

Sadly, this will probably never happen during General Conference. (Image courtesy of Mormon Memes)

Emergency preparation is highly emphasized in the Mormon Church. The Mormons believe that careful preparation, both spiritual and temporal, helps us overcome fear and confidently react to any possible disaster. These principles of emergency preparation can easily apply to Mormons that need to fend off a zombie onslaught. Through following the teachings of modern-day Prophets, the LDS church and its members are well prepared to face the zombie horde. Let’s examine the following points:  

Mormons decisively respond to disasters

It’s well documented that the Mormon Church is exceptional at mobilizing its resources and quickly responding to disasters. Usually within hours of a catastrophe taking place, church officials are able to rally a volunteer and relief force in the local area. This same level of organization is represented in every single Mormon congregation.

Each Mormon congregation has a personalized emergency plan for natural and manmade disasters. Guidelines for this emergency plan include consideration of alternative means of communication, relationships with civil authorities, and awareness of which church members have equipment or skills that would be critical in a disaster. These emergency plans are periodically updated by local church leaders.  

Because of this level of preparation, the local Bishop (leader of a Mormon congregation), will likely know which church members are well armed and ready to push back against the zombies. As demonstrated in Idaho and Utah, there are plenty of church members who believe in exercising their right to the 2nd Amendment. Any zombie horde that tries to storm the local LDS meetinghouse will probably march into the path of a well-orchestrated firing squad.

Bishop Hendrix

Bishop Hendrix is ready for the zombie apocalypse. Michonne would approve. (Image courtesy of Mormon Memes, credit Ross Luzzader)

Alternatively, if the local church members are anything like Bishop Kent Hendrix, who used his trusty samurai sword to drive off a mugger, there’s going to be a lot of decapitated zombies. As demonstrated by Michonne, the warrior woman from The Walking Dead, a sword can be a lethal weapon against zombies in the right hands. Either way, through bullets or by the blade, the Mormon militia will make short work of any zombie incursion.

It’s clear that the Mormon Church has exceptional foresight in preparing for the worst case scenario. In fact, for all we know, the Mormon Church has an emergency plan specifically designed for a zombie outbreak. In any case, the ability of Mormons to quickly mobilize will give them a critical advantage in reacting to a zombie invasion.

Mormons are self-reliant

The concepts of self-reliance and personal preparation are extremely important to Mormons. On a regular basis, church leaders teach these concepts from the pulpit and during regular church meetings. Mormons are encouraged to build up financial reserves, store medication/first aid supplies, and stockpile other essential items that will be critical if a disaster occurs.

Through personal preparation, church members are able to provide for themselves and help others during an emergency. In the event of a zombie apocalypse, many Mormons won’t need to wait for the government or other relief organizations to provide emergency supplies. This places members of the church in a favorable position to assist in evacuation efforts or help civic authorities push back against the zombie hordes.

Mormons are the masters of food storage

Food storage will prepare us to outlast the zombie horde.

Food storage will prepare us to outlast the zombie horde.

Members of the church are encouraged to build up a year’s supply of food and water. More specifically, Mormons are counseled to gather a three month supply of food they normally eat and a longer-term supply of food with a longer shelf life, such as rice, wheat, and corn. Growing up, I would often question why we needed an entire year’s worth of food since we lived in a first-world country. Now that I’m older and wiser, I believe the only rational explanation must be zombies.  

Although it may take a little time to organize your food storage, if a zombie apocalypse takes place, you’ll be grateful you made the investment. Plus, in the very rare occasion that you run into a vegetarian zombie, you can feed them graaaiiiinnnns. (Bad joke. Or depending on what you feed the zombie, a corny joke. You saw what I did there). 

Mormons are incredibly resourceful

In a post-apocalyptic world, supplies will be limited and survivors will need to become self-sufficient with little resources. Mormons will rise to this challenge because they have a rich history of flourishing despite having scarce resources to work with. The early Mormon pioneers that migrated to Utah settled in a desert that had little to offer. Yet through ingenuity and resourcefulness, the pioneers found a way to make the desert “blossom as a rose.”

Even though it’s been nearly two hundred years since the Mormon pioneers, a culture of resourcefulness still permeates Mormon culture. Church members are taught to be thrifty and look for innovative ways to make do with less. The lessons learned from the early pioneers can be easily applied by Mormons trying to survive in a world overrun by zombies.

Find a way to cook a gourmet meal with only the ingredients from food storage?

Create zombie slaying weapons with only random and seemingly ordinary household items?

Find a way to entertain the group without TV, video games, and other traditional entertainment?  

Challenge accepted.

Mormons are spiritually and emotionally resilient

If you manage to survive the first few waves of zombies, you also need to be ready for the psychological challenges of living in a post-apocalyptic zombie world. It will be essential for you to keep your spirits up as you get through the dark days ahead. If you ever get trapped somewhere surrounded by zombies and need to hunker down, you’ll benefit from having a Mormon at your side.   

Mormons are generally stable and well-adjusted people. They are taught to be self-reliant, yet have a strong sense of community loyalty that will serve your group of survivors well. Plus, Mormons know how to get through tough times. In the early days of the church, Mormons were hunted and driven from place to place. Despite this, Mormons not only survived, but eventually thrived despite having the odds heavily stacked against them. One of the secrets to their success was having an incredible attitude of faith and perseverance.  

The quintessential Mormon will be able to slay zombies while singing traditional church hymns about hard work such as, “Put Your Shoulder To the Wheel” and “Let Us All Press On.” Mormons will overcome the challenges of living in a post zombie-apocalyptic world because they know that true happiness, peace, and purpose in life is based on internal, not external factors. Having a Mormon’s cheerful, tough-as-nails optimism and perspective on life will help you survive the zombie onslaught without losing your sanity. 

Worthy Mormon men can use the priesthood – the authority to act in God’s name 

The priesthood is the power and authority to act in God’s name. In biblical times, the priesthood was used to govern the church and perform miracles such as healing the sick. This power was temporarily lost after the original Apostles were martyred, but it was restored and is used in the LDS Church today.

Because the priesthood is the power of God, it can only be used by worthy LDS males. This is why the church heavily emphasizes the importance of personal worthiness. During a disaster where medical supplies and personnel are limited, the righteous use of priesthood power could mean the difference between life and death. In the aftermath of a zombie apocalypse, worthy Mormon men will be able to work miracles through the power of their priesthood.  

Mormons are taught to further their education and develop practical vocational skills

The Mormon Church places a strong emphasis on the importance of education and vocational training. Consequently, because most Mormons have useful skills, this makes them valuable members of any group of survivors. After all, nearly anyone can learn how to bludgeon a zombie or shoot a rifle – in contrast, people with specific training and skill sets will be more difficult to find.  

Also important, when the zombies are eventually eradicated, the world needs well-trained and educated people to help put society back together. The survivors with an education and practical vocational skills will be valued and rewarded appropriately. Obtaining an education and gaining vocational skills is an investment that ultimately pays off – even in a world overrun by zombies.

So what now?

If you’re Mormon and you’ve prepared yourself, congratulations. You will likely be the first person your friends turn to when the inevitable zombie onslaught begins.

If you’re Mormon and you haven’t heeded the inspired counsel of the living Prophet, now would be a good time to prepare yourself. Remember what it says in Doctrine and Covenants 38:30 – “If ye are prepared, ye shall not fear.”

If you’re not Mormon, it’s a good idea to make friends with one. As demonstrated in this article, Mormons are among the most prepared people to survive the inevitable Zombie Apocalypse.

President Thomas S. Monson

President Thomas S. Monson

It’s important to note that Mormons are well prepared because of the teachings of modern Prophets. Just like Prophets in the Bible warned people of impending calamities, we have the blessing of a modern Prophet today to guide us and help us prepare for the future. The living Prophet today is President Thomas S. Monson and I have a personal testimony that following his teachings will protect us from zombies and the many other dangers that surround us and our families.   

If you want to learn more about the role of a Prophet, click here.

If you want to learn more about how members of the Mormon Church prepare for zombies and other potential disasters, click here.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to shamble back to working on my food storage.


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2013 Institute Choir Concert: Wonderful World of Music

2013 Wonderful World of Music Program

2013 Wonderful World of Music Program

Each year, the Boise Institute Choir (Unison), organizes an annual musical production to remind people of the variety of uplifting music that is available. Through choosing uplifting songs and hymns, the choir is able to use music to teach doctrine and principles of the gospel. At the end of the evening, audience members walk away inspired to keep a special playlist of music that inspires them and reminds them of the standards of the Church.

Continue reading

Unison kicked things off by having Danny Christophiades perform “Disney Potpourri,” a melody of Disney songs on his trumpet. When it comes to Disney trivia, Danny is the most knowledgeable person I’ve met – in fact, he actually participated in a national competition hosted by Disney and was competitively ranked. After Danny’s performance, Garrison Holdaway, our Institute Council President, said a few opening remarks before we had an opening prayer and transitioned to the Unison Choir.

Unison performed Choir Jam, a lively mash up of various songs choreographed by Tom Lungren. After Choir Jam, we had the opportunity to hear from individual members of the choir in solo performances throughout the evening. Here’s a summary of just a few of the acts that were particularly noteworthy.

Jillian Durrant and Jessica Miller

Jillian Durrant and Jessica Miller perform “Forget About the Boy”


Jillian Durrant and Jessica Miller performed “Forget about the Boy” from Thoroughly Modern Millie. It was an energetic performance and they both captured the spirit of a classic musical.   

Sarah and Bridgette Worthington perform "For Good"

Sarah and Bridgette Worthington perform “For Good”




Bridgette and Sarah Worthington, with backup from the women in the Choir, performed a cover of “For Good” from the musical Wicked. Bridgette and Sarah are sisters, so I thought it was particularly meaningful they’d perform a song about making a positive impact on each other’s lives.

Justin White, Gage Olson, Sarah Hart, and Robin Jensen perform "Just a Kiss"

Justin White, Gage Olson, Sarah Hart, and Robin Jensen perform “Just a Kiss”


Robin Jensen, Sarah Hart, Justin White and Gage Olson performed a cover of “Just a Kiss” by Lady Antebellum. Robin rapped midway through the song, which added a unique flair to a popular song. Check out their song on YouTube!    


To help showcase the talent represented by other Institute faculty and students outside the Choir, there were also several non-musical acts performed at the end of the concert:

Brother Mel Thompson performs a "One-wheel-man"

Brother Mel Thompson performs a “One-wheel-man”

In his act, “One-wheel-man,” Brother Mel Thompson, one of the Institute faculty members, juggled and jumped rope while riding a unicycle. Brother Thompson is one of the most talented Institute faculty members and I suspect he must have been a circus performer in a previous life. 

Garrison Holdaway and Josh Van Loo performs #Institute

Garrison Holdaway and Josh Van Loo performs #Institute


In tribute to Jimmy Fallon’s recent skit, #Hashtag, Garrison Holdaway and Josh Van Loo performed a humorous sketch entitled, #Institute.  Of course, because this was an LDS sketch, the focus was about relationships and the blessings of Institute. #Awesome!

Robin Jensen bears her testimony of the power of inspiring music,

Robin Jensen bears her testimony of the power of inspiring music,



After these acts concluded, Robin Jensen, the President of the Unison Choir, said a few closing remarks. With the light shining down on her, she looked angelic as she bore a powerful testimony on the importance of choosing uplifting and inspiring music. After her remarks, the Choir closed the evening by singing, “I Stand All Amazed” and “Jesus, Once of Humble Birth.”


As members of the church, it’s critical for us to make good choices with the music we surround ourselves with. Elder Russell M. Nelson said, “Music has power to provide spiritual nourishment. It has healing power…It provides power for us to express prayerful thoughts and bear testimony of sacred truths.” That’s why the annual Unison Choir looks for opportunity to uplift and inspire others through the power of music.

As usual, the Unison Choir did an outstanding job with this year’s Wonderful World of Music. The Unison Choir is always looking for new members to join their ranks and share their testimonies through the power of music. If you’re interested in joining Unison, contact Brother Spjute at 208-344-8549.

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Malcolm Ravenclaw

Letter of introduction to the followers of LDS Single Friends

Blogger’s note: I recently became the administrator for the Facebook Page “LDS Single Friends.” Here’s the letter of introduction I wrote to this Page’s followers.

Aloha Brothers and Sisters, 

Daniel Bushman, the founder of LDS Single Friends, recently made me the administrator of this Facebook Page. I have a great deal of love for my fellow LDS singles and I’m honored by the trust Daniel’s placed in me. I’d like to share with you more about my background and what I hope to accomplish through managing LDS Single Friends.

Continue reading

I love the Restored Gospel with all my heart. But even though the gospel is true, it isn’t easy being single in a family-oriented religion. That’s why I recently launched this blog, Single-Minded Determination, which is intended to provide inspiration, hope, and encouragement to single adults who are trying to live their lives in harmony with gospel teachings.

As I looked for ways to connect with other LDS singles online, I came across LDS Single Friends. I reached out to Daniel and explained what I hoped to accomplish. He made me the admin because I wanted to continue his mission to empower LDS single adults and help them progress socially and spiritually. To accomplish this, here are the top three areas LDS Single Friends will focus on:     

1)      Provide LDS singles with more ways to mingle and meet each other. Please continue to post events for LDS singles on the Facebook Page and they will be broadcasted out to our followers.

2)      Share relevant and uplifting content specifically focused on meeting the needs of LDS single adults. This Facebook Page will share content that address common single adult issues such as dating, overcoming emotional challenges, and strengthening our relationship with Heavenly Father.

3)      Advocate a gospel-centered lifestyle by sharing examples of single adults engaged in worthy causes. Through highlighting other valiant single adults, it will remind us that we’re not alone and will help inspire us to live the gospel courageously.  

Through focusing on these areas, we will build a stronger support system for LDS single adults worldwide. However, to be successful, I need your help in two ways:

1. Invite your friends to follow LDS Single Friends! There is strength in numbers and through building a vibrant community of LDS single adults, we can better support each other in living the gospel.

2. Please remember me in your prayers and ask the Lord to inspire me as I manage the Facebook Page. I want to provide value to our online community and I need divine guidance as I fulfill my stewardship.  

I recognize that the audience for this Facebook Page consists of single adults from diverse backgrounds and walks of life. However, despite our differences, the gospel unites us as brothers and sisters. Although it’s sometimes easy to feel alone or isolated as a single adult, being a member of the Lord’s church makes us part of a worldwide family.

To help create this sense of community, my dream is to use LDS Single Friends to create a dynamic and thriving network for LDS single adults across the entire world. Please support my efforts to make this dream a reality!

Your brother in the faith,

Malcolm Ravenclaw

P.S. If you’d like to learn more about me and the circumstances that compelled me to start reaching out to fellow LDS single adults, please read the “About Me” section on my blog.