Advice Columnist Opening For LDS Single Friends

There’s an immediate opening for an advice columnist for LDS Single Friends, the largest active Facebook Page for LDS single adults. This is a volunteer position and we’d like to publish advice columns once every two weeks, but we can be flexible depending on your availability and the volume of messages that are submitted to our Facebook Page. This is a great opportunity for an insightful, compassionate person to make a positive impact in the lives of LDS single adults worldwide.

If you would like to apply to the position: 

1. Send a brief letter of introduction that explains your qualifications to

2. As part of the application process, please include a response to any of the following messages:

A) I’m aging out of the single’s ward and I feel like a failure because I’m still unmarried. I’ve made good choices throughout my life and I’ve worked hard to put myself out there in the dating scene. Despite my best efforts, nothing significant has happened to me in terms of relationships. The gospel is supposed to make us happy, but it’s hard for me to feel that way when each Sunday, I’m constantly reminded that I lack the blessing I want most in my life. How can I motivate myself to continue being active in the church when I feel like a failure?

B) I’m a convert to the church and I’m really frustrated with the dating scene in the LDS culture. I’m a tattooed male who didn’t serve a mission (I was baptized when I was too old to serve). Consequently, I feel like I’m being passed over for dates because I don’t meet the checklist of the single women in the church. Sometimes the rejection is subtle, at other times, it’s more obvious – but it still bothers me, since I’m striving to live the gospel just as valiantly as anyone else. I really want to have my own eternal family someday. What can I do to help LDS women see me as a person instead of looking at me with a checklist?

C) As a single adult, I’m really frustrated with the dynamics in the family ward I attend. I already feel like I don’t belong and it certainly doesn’t help that certain people seem to shun or look down on me. Some of the young couples seem to think that being around me is a threat to their marriages and other people in the ward, although well-intentioned, certainly don’t know how to relate to me. Because of these social dynamics, I often dread Sundays, but I know the church is true and I want to make friends in my ward. How can I better integrate myself in my ward and find acceptance?


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