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Single-Minded Determination is a blog written by members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS or Mormon). This blog is intended to be a community where we and our readers can discuss topics relevant to LDS members in an uplifting and constructive manner. We welcome readers of all faiths and backgrounds and ask that we show mutual respect for others.  

We invite readers to add comments that are constructive, respectful, and uplifting. Comments that tear down others or attack the church and its leaders are not welcome. If readers wish to argue or criticize the church and its teachings, this is not the forum for them to have this discussion.  

The administrator of Single-Minded Determination will remove comments that are not in harmony with the above guidelines. 

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  1. christy Hong

    Hello there, I’ve read and reread all the articles. They have been so uplifting and I can truly feel the spirit of the lord as I read them. Mahalo, Christy


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