Frequently Asked Questions

Is your blog an official communication channel for the LDS Boise Institute?

This is a personal blog. The opinions expressed here represent my own and not those of the church, the Boise Institute, or my employer. However, I am currently an active member of the Boise Institute’s Communication Committee, which is why I try to promote the Boise Institute as much as possible. 

Why do you go by the pen name of Malcolm Ravenclaw?

My supervisor at work jokingly refers to me as a “wizard” when he describes the work I do in strategic communication and marketing. In the Harry Potter universe, wizards are sorted into four different houses that reflect their personality, aptitudes, and skill sets. The Ravenclaw House prizes wit, intellect, wisdom, and learning.

I’ve taken the Harry Potter aptitude tests that sorts individuals into different houses
and was decisively placed into Ravenclaw. Given my background and personality, it’s an ideal fit. The pen name also matches the writing style of the blog, which is intended to be insightful and witty.

I also use the pen name of Malcolm Ravenclaw for practical reasons. I have a common last name, so I use a pen name to make it easier for people to find my blog. Having a distinct name like Malcolm Ravenclaw helps a lot with search engine optimization (if you search for “Malcolm Ravenclaw” on Google, I’m on the very first page).

How old are you? 

I’m in the age bracket of what the Mormon church defines as the 25 and older single adult group – old enough to be a “menace to society.” (This is a Mormon inside joke.)

Why are you single? 

If I knew the answer to that, I wouldn’t still be single, would I? 😉
If you happen to be a temple worthy, lovely Mormon girl, my response is that I just haven’t met you yet! 

How will this blog provide unique value?

There are few blogs that provide a personal look at the lifestyle of a Mormon single adult or blogs that provide support to fellow singles. This blog is intended to meet a need not being adequately met in the Mormon blogging community. It’s difficult to be single in the Mormon Church and the blog seeks to provide inspiration, hope, and encouragement to other single adults who are trying to live their lives in harmony with teachings of the gospel.

The mission statement of this blog is to strengthen single adults by helping them become emotionally, spiritually, and socially self-reliant. This will be accomplished through writing about life lessons learned and sharing personal examples of how gospel principles can be successfully applied to a single adult lifestyle. I have a strong testimony of the blessings that come through a gospel-centered life. Through blogging, I hope to empower single adults by giving them the knowledge they need to make the best possible life decisions.

What type of content should we expect from this blog?

I created this blog to help people understand the lifestyle of an active Mormon single adult, to share faith promoting experiences, and to showcase how the gospel has blessed my life. To help me accomplish these goals, most blog content will fit into the following categories:  

1. Personal experiences that help showcase how active Mormon single adults live their lives. Mormon single adults are passionate about living life to the fullest and by sharing my life experiences, I want to show how it’s possible to have a happy, fun life while still remaining in the bounds the Lord has set.

2. Spiritual experiences and knowledge gained. For example, future posts will be summaries of church firesides, institute classes, and other personal spiritual experiences that are valuable to share with single adults.

3. Best practices on being spiritually, emotionally, and socially self-reliant and life lessons learned from being a single adult. For example, future blog posts will address common single adult challenges such as dating, overcoming emotional burdens, and strengthening our relationship with Heavenly Father.

How can I support your mission to strengthen other single adults?

There are three main ways that you can support me in my mission:

1) Subscribe to my blog through the link on my blog sidebar.  

2) If this blog has helped you or you feel it would provide value to single adults, please share it with your personal network!

3) I’m interested in hearing about the experiences of single adults across the world and learning what topics for future articles would be most helpful to them. Please contact me to share your experiences as a single adult and suggest topics for future blog posts. 




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