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The mission of Single-Minded Determination is to provide relevant and uplifting content to help LDS single adults become emotionally, spiritually, and socially self-reliant. We welcome guest posts that can strengthen LDS single adults across the world. 

President Dieter F. Uchtdorf once said, “Sometimes a single phrase of testimony can set events in motion that affect someone’s life for eternity.” If you feel that your testimony or personal experiences will uplift or inspire your fellow LDS single adults, please consider submitting an article that meets the following guidelines.

Guidelines for submitting guest content

Topic. You have a topic appropriate for LDS single adults that falls under one of the following categories: 

1. Personal experiences. It’s inspiring to hear about the life stories of faithful LDS single adults around the world. Suggested topics include, but are not limited to, any of the following:

  • Personal insights on how you gained a testimony of a gospel principle.
  • Life lessons you’ve learned as a faithful LDS single adult.
  • Summaries of church firesides or LDS activities you’ve attended. 

2. Inspirational content. Ideas of some topics include, but are not limited to, the list of suggested topics by the Ensign: 

  • Developing and maintaining close relationships with family members.
  • Gaining from giving meaningful service.
  • Overcoming loneliness.
  • Finding strength in friendships.
  • Living a balanced life.
  • Finding fulfillment in a family-oriented Church.
  • Finding answers to your challenges through scripture study.
  • Coping after a significant relationship has ended.
  • The blessings associated with pursuing and continuing education.
  • Learning and growing from participating in institute.
  • Being sustained by your testimony as you face challenges.
  • Learning to be self-reliant and managing your finances.
  • Other topics related to gospel living and the circumstances of being a single adult today.

Length: The preferred length for your article is between 300 – 1,000 words. However, an exception will be made if we feel your topic justifies a longer blog post.

Tone of voice: Articles published on Single-Minded Determination are intended to be uplifting, hopeful, and optimistic. This doesn’t mean that we won’t discuss hard topics, such as overcoming emotional burdens or other single adult challenges. However, it means we’ll frame issues in a way that positively uplifts others. For example, rather than coming across as Why Me?, the focus will be more around the lines of, What did I learn from this?  

Ideas, support, and details. Your article has examples or case studies to share with the audience. You’ve made your article relevant to LDS single adults and included details that demonstrate a solid understanding of your topic, such as scriptures or quotes from General Authorities.   

Benefits of being published

1. Create a stronger community for LDS single adults. It isn’t easy being single in a family-oriented religion and it’s estimated that roughly one-third of LDS adult members in North America are single. With societal trends, it’s estimated that the numbers of LDS singles will grow, making it even more important for us to support each other in living a gospel-oriented lifestyle. Your article will strengthen testimonies and  provide inspiration, hope, and encouragement to your fellow single adults.

2. Create awareness of your personal brand and area of expertise. It’s easy to create a dating profile at an online website and talk about how spiritual you are. However, without knowing you personally and without seeing examples, your claims may not be taken seriously by other LDS single adults. Creating an article that provides genuine value to LDS single adults is a great way to shine a spotlight on you, highlight your personal testimony, and show the potential value you can bring to a relationship. 

Your article will be emailed to this blog’s subscribers and published on LDS Single Friends, an online community of more than 7,500 LDS single adults worldwide. Perhaps someone will read your article and realize what a great catch you are. If you find your eternal companion through this blog, please let us know!

How to submit a guest column

1. Please email a brief description of your proposed article to with the subject line, “PROPOSED BLOG POST.” Please briefly describe the main points of your message and explain the value of your article. If the article seems like a good fit, we will contact you to discuss the approval process in more detail.   

2. Please also include your personal picture and feel free to include any other pictures (pictures you own or pictures that are non-copyrighted) that helps communicate your article’s main points.

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