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Malcolm Ravenclaw:  Content Creator

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Malcolm Ravenclaw

Hello, my name is Malcolm and I’m an LDS (Mormon) single adult with a passion for life and a love for the gospel of Jesus Christ. I have a strong conviction that living a gospel-centered lifestyle is the best way to find happiness as a single adult and I’ve seen the blessings that have come into my life through obedience to true principles.

I never intended to become a blogger, but I had a series of personal experiences in which the Spirit strongly compelled me to share my story with my fellow single adults. Through blogging, I hope to use my life experiences and personal testimony to help encourage, uplift, and inspire single adults across the world. Hurrah for Israel!

Gina: Editor



My name is Gina, I grew up in Rexburg, ID, and moved to Boise nearly ten years ago. I studied at Boise State University to attain a Bachelors degree in English Literature, with the intent to go to graduate school to study English emphasizing in Gender and Post-Colonial studies. Malcolm approached me to discuss the blog and asked that I be the editor. I accepted. I think this blog, and the accompanying Facebook page, is a great idea. I hope that it will create an avenue and a new rhetorical forum for single adults to connect with others and learn about the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the joy that it can bring to our lives.

Alex: YSA Blog Admin for LDS Single Friends

Alexander Hickens


I am Alex Hicken, an architecture student at Brigham Young University – Idaho. I have many passions. A passion for writing has developed over the many years in my life, but a busy lifestyle leaves me to a personal minimum standard of journal writing, which remains as my blogging content. My other passions can be discovered there. I am also writing a science fiction novel on the side slowly. My passion for blogging has lead me to establishing social networks pages, sharing the articles of single adult Mormon bloggers. My goal in the blog spot is creating a location, where the light of Christ from the single adults can be seen. There are a lot of individual bloggers, and uniting them will make a more powerful witness of the Gospel. My role in this community of LDS Single Friends will be to share the most impressive content of the blogs that I come across. If you have a blog and would like to have me share your articles on my social network pages, you can email me at

Arianna: Graphic Art Specialist for LDS Single Friends


Hey, you! I’m Arianna Rees, but you can call me Ari
(air-ee). I’m a recent graduate of Utah State University with a bachelor’s degree in English, which basically means I’m that nerd correcting all of her friends’ grammar mishaps. I love art, adventuring, reading, hosting Star Wars marathons, climbing rocks, and stargazing. For the past four years, I’ve been a photographer and blogger, writing about life and the Gospel of Jesus Christ and how those two things come together (read if you dare at I’m excited to contribute to LDS Single Friends and very happy to meet you. 

Zack: Dating and Relationships Admin for LDS Single Friends

Zack Oates

Zack Oates

Zack Oates is a entrepreneur, hottubber and blogger (but not in that order). After serving a mission in Ukraine, he started a non profit working to strengthen families in Ukraine called Courage to Hope. He ran his own technology company for over four years and is currently getting his MBA at BYU. He will outdance anyone (duration, not quality) and is looking to quit his dating blog and start a marriage one.

Paul: Advice Columnist for LDS Single Friends

Paul Green

Paul Green

Paul Green, is a real estate broker and professional improvisational comedian, actor and trainer. He has trained thousands of professionals and teenagers on principles of leadership, communication, team building and creative thinking and has provided heart-filled advice and encouragement to all who he has had an opportunity to interact. His greatest passion is helping individuals find creative and uplifting solutions to the many challenges of life by applying the principles and doctrines of the gospel of Jesus Christ. He looks forward to hearing and understanding the challenges of his readers and helping them to overcome these challenges. 

Sariah: Midsingles Representative f
or LDS Single Friends

Sariah Simmons is Founder of MidSingles Today and the We Are the Rescue initiative. She was a Captain in the United States Army when her divorce forced her to move on and join the YSA dating scene for the first time. eeks! She then started a career in retail management. She is a graduate of the University of Arizona with a degree in Psychology and Philosophy. She is a mom, a mormon, and a Midsingle. Follow her at


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